The Glasgow Tool Library is an inclusive membership based tool sharing service located in the North of Glasgow. Our main responsibility is the re-use, repair and archiving of unused and underused tools in order to create a communal resource of tools which can be shared with the people of Glasgow, providing affordable access to tools that people might otherwise not be able to afford. We also intend to hold talks, workshops and events that explore and educate on the themes of reuse and repair, zero waste, the circular economy, DIY and craft.

Our primary objectives are

  1.  To challenge the unsustainable relationship between use and ownership, educating people on the benefits of sharing and the circular economy.
  2. Encouraging people to learn new skills and knowledge which can either help them to enter education or employment, or give them greater ability and agency to improve the places and spaces that matter to them through that act of DIY and collaborative construction.

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OUR HOUSE, YOUR HOUSE | May 2017 | Open House Arts Festival 
We launched the charity at the beginning of May as part of Open House Arts Festival 2017 with an event called Our House, Your House. 

For Our House, Your House we collected recycled materials - timber, scaffolding planks, sheet material - which had been donated to us from organisations such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), and Glasgow Sculpture Studio (GSS), and Glasgow Wood Recycling. We then provided tools for people to build furniture with, learning new skills, on the domestic themes of Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom. In the evening the work produced during the days workshop was exhibited to the public, with food and music. The exhibition was also opening the following day.

The event was free and open to participants of all ages and abilities. We encouraged participants to partner up and build their projects together, facilitating relationships between people from different backgrounds.

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